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Title: Two Lovers
Author: FeeferJ
Fandom: Star Trek XI/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Kirk, "Bones" McCoy, Faith Lehane
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me and I'm broke. This is just for fun and there is no profit being made. Please don't sue.
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex and a M/F/M threesome.
Summary: Faith breaks up a fight between Bones and Kirk. Then there's sex. It's PWP. I make no claims to the contrary.
Author's Note: This was a result of the six impossible things meme. Pure crossover crack mixed with smut.

She was caught between the crush of two male bodies which was something she wouldn’t have minded under normal circumstances. This, however, was different. Jim had had a little too much to drink and Bones had said something that struck a nerve. She wasn’t sure exactly what happened, but she’d watched Jim throw a sloppy punch at the Doctor that quickly spiraled into a full blown fight, and had acted accordingly by moving between them. Keeping them completely separate was another story altogether despite her best efforts.

Faith had never seen anything like it from the two of them and she wondered how such strong affection could transform into such a violent outpouring over two minutes worth of conversation. Sure she’d watched them bicker, had seen the small scuffles they’d gotten into without any intent behind them, but this? This was something more. Neither man would back down as the tension built, while talking sense into either of them was something she’d given up on long before this incident. In an act of desperation, Faith did the only thing she could think to do-- she kissed Jim. The move caught him by surprise but the animal ferocity he’d been using to go after Bones was easily translated to lust when aided by alcohol and a half naked woman pressing herself against him.

She felt a hand twist itself roughly into her hair and the sharp tug that followed. It wasn’t Jim’s hand pulling her head back, and it wasn’t Jim’s lips on her throat. A growl emanated from the chest behind her and she felt Jim’s hand move around her to rest on Bones’ hip, either as reassurance, or as encouragement, she couldn’t really be sure. All she knew was that it brought the three of them closer together until Leonard moved for Kirk’s mouth.

If there was anything she’d learned in her time as a Slayer, it was that you had to know when to stay and fight, and when retreating was the smart option. Once it was obvious that they weren’t about to kill one another, she figured retreat was the way to go; that had been her plan until she felt the vice like grips on her arm and waist simultaneously. Unless she intended to use Slayer strength and potentially hurt one or both men, she was effectively trapped between them. Bones pulled away from Jim long enough for the smooth southern lilt of his voice to wash over her.

“No one said you needed to leave, girl.” Her eyes moved to meet the impossible blue of Jim’s without missing the smirk he wore. Had she moved into him closer she would have felt how hard he was beneath his pants.

“You have to follow Doctor’s orders, Faith.” The hand Jim had kept on her hip moved up to her breast, brushing against a nipple casually. Anyone else probably would have slapped him, Faith only smirked.

“Wasn’t aware he’d given any.”

A nip to her neck from Bones turned whatever else she might have said into a low moan. The two men exchanged a glance that she knew she had no hope of interpreting; no longer satisfied being an inactive participant, she took matters into her own hands. With the grip he still had on her arm, Leonard was the body closest to hers. It didn’t take much for her to reach down and run her hand over the erection starting to press against her thigh. The gaze they’d held was broken when Bones jerked toward her and Jim’s eyes fell down to where Faith’s hand had strayed. A mixture of things passed over his face as he watched the Slayer tease his lover through material that both seemed too thin and not thin enough to someone‘s hand that wasn‘t his.

“Dammit, woman.” Faith grinned even though Leonard couldn’t see it while Jim stood transfixed to the spot.

“You want me to stop?” Her tone was teasing, fingers insistent.

“Don’t you dare.” Jim tweaked her nipple when the words left Bones’ mouth, as if he suddenly remembered he’d been in the middle of something before she’d started the hand job, clearing his throat to speak. “As Captain, I second that.”
When she shifted between them again they didn’t try to stop her, an unspoken understanding that when she moved away this time she expected them to follow. Faith walked through the doorway that led to her bedroom, fingers already loosening the knot of her robe with each step, letting the material slide off her shoulders when she reached the foot of the bed. Jim, both eager and shameless, stripped his shirt off when he entered the room while Bones looked between the two, hesitating momentarily while desire warred with reason once the physical contact had been broken, until desire won out.

She settled herself on the mattress with Jim sliding behind her once he‘d rid himself of his uniform trousers, his hand moving to roam her skin, and her hand extending toward Leonard in invitation. It was all too easy; if he hadn’t known better Bones would have thought it was planned. He knew they thought too much alike though, something he’d cursed often enough when it came to them getting into trouble, but found himself thankful for in a situation like this. The doctor pulled his tunic off and tossed it in the vicinity of Kirk’s discarded clothing and Faith’s robe. When his hand moved to his pants, Faith’s hand covered his own.

“Let me.” The smirk she wore relayed that her actions weren’t about being helpful so much as wanting something. She sat back on her heels when she pulled down the zipper, deceptively dainty hand moving in to wrap around his cock while pushing the material off of his hips. Her mouth wasn’t far behind as her lips slid over the head, tongue circling slowly around the crown before she took him in as far as she could. Bones let out a groan, fingers sliding into her hair and tangling in the dark strands; watching as Jim ran a hand up and over her thigh to brush against her clit, slipping first one finger inside her body, then another. When she moaned around him he could feel the vibrations from her throat practically to his toes, unable to keep from thrusting forward in search of more of the same.

Jim thought it would be more difficult than he was finding it to see the expression on McCoy’s face that he currently saw, and know that it was the result of someone else’s attentions. Yet, rather than the jealousy he’d expected, nothing but desire ran through his veins when Bones opened dark eyes to stare down at him. It was the kind of look that sent all the blood in his body rushing toward his cock. Where he’d been hard before, now he was painfully so, telegraphing his need with each crook and drag of his fingers over Faith’s G spot.

Foreplay and Faith weren’t acquainted very often. She was pretty notorious for her impatience both in and out of the bedroom and Kirk’s teasing wasn’t helping to break her of it. Pulling off of Bones’ cock, Faith leaned over to kiss Jim, the faint taste of pre-cum lingering on her tongue as she pushed it into his mouth without preamble. His fingers fell from her body, dragging her own wetness against her thigh when he cupped her ass and pulled her into his lap. One hand went to his chest to steady herself while she straddled him, the other stroking him and lining him up with her body to facilitate sinking down on him. Impatient as she may have been, she still took the opportunity to tease; small thrusts of her hips brought him into her body before she’d bring herself back, never letting him penetrate her fully. Faith could hear the sound of clothing being shed and skin brushing against skin. She knew Bones was jerking himself off to the two of them and fuck if it wasn‘t a turn on.

That knowledge, knowing what the teasing was doing not only to them, but to Leonard, drove her to take as much of Jim as she could with one thrust. Her moan was echoed by Kirk when she started working her hips against him, the bed dipping slightly with Bones’ extra weight moving toward them. She heard him open the drawer next to her bed and the sound of her lube being uncapped. Presumptuous bastard. A smirk rode her face just as surely as she was riding Jim, his thumb running over her clit lazily; a mix of anticipation, excitement, and lust warring in his eyes as his gaze flicked from Faith to Bones over her shoulder. Faith felt her own stirrings of anticipation when Bones wrapped an arm around her chest to pull her back against his, forcing her to relax against him, his hand caressing her breast and rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

It wasn’t until she felt the first slick finger move between her ass that she tensed. Bones placed a kiss against her neck, nipping at the skin before nipping at her earlobe. “Relax, girl. I’ve got you.”

Jim increased the pressure against her clit, controlling the movement of her hips while thrusting up and into her in an effort to redirect her attention. The doctor’s finger moved back to her ass and she shuddered when he slid it past the tight ring of muscle gingerly, alternating the slide and pull of his finger with Jim’s thrusts. He didn’t slide another finger into her until she began moaning in earnest. Scissoring the digits helped to prepare her, helped to loosen her up for what was coming. She knew that much, was glad for the effort and care he was showing. Anal sex was something she’d experimented with before, both with a pro and a jackass that thought it was just about shoving in and going to town. She knew both how good it could feel and how much it could suck, she’d just never done this. It was daunting, but she found herself wanting it, wanting to feel both of them moving in and out of her while she was trapped between their bodies, her mind going back to the thrill of excitement she’d felt when she’d been between them during their scuffle.

Some silent communication passed between the two men again while she’d been ruminating and Jim tugged her down to him, capturing her lips in a searing kiss that was nothing but pure lust. Bones pulled his fingers free of her body, the arm he’d had round her chest going back to his side to open the small tube of lubricant again, slicking his cock generously before moving into position, placing his knees between Faith‘s calves and Jim‘s thighs. The Slayer knew when he pressed forward again that it wouldn’t be his fingers, but the slight pain still came as a shock when he breached her; she also knew enough not to tense while her body adjusted to the double intrusion, none of them moving, both men giving her time and letting her make the first move when she was ready.

Faith had never felt so full in her life, honestly unsure if she’d be able to pull this off until she pushed back against Bones experimentally, a pleased gasp escaping her, and managing to drag a moan out of Jim. With that single movement on her part, the two men began working her body, alternating their thrusts so that each push and pull was perfectly synced, and she could feel them moving against each other as they moved inside of her. The feeling was intense, and the resulting orgasm hit her hard and fast. They didn’t stop or slow while she rode it out, if anything they increased their pace. A second orgasm followed almost immediately on the heels of the first, and she would have screamed if Jim hadn’t kissed her again, hand tangling in her hair.

It wasn’t long after that she felt him tense, felt the shudder that passed through him and into her as he came, the hand in her hair tightening with the other reaching for McCoy, looking to touch some part of the other man. Without Jim’s opposition, Bones was able to let go without worry, the force of his thrusts increasing until his steady pace faltered with his orgasm, burying himself as deep as he could inside Faith until he knew with certainty that he was spent. He pulled out slowly so Faith could roll off of Kirk, feeling both sated and empty after being filled like she had, the two men collapsing on the bed when she slipped out of the room to clean up wordlessly.

She’d just stepped under the spray of the shower when the door opened and Jim stepped in next to her, his finger tracing the curve of her spine appreciatively until Bones joined them. The shower stall wasn’t meant to accommodate three people at one time, and Faith said as much once McCoy was in the room, not that it stopped him from coming in. Kirk only gave her one of his trademark smirks, tucking a wet strand of hair behind Faith’s ear. “Guess we’ll just have to figure out some interesting positions to make it work then.”
Tags: fandom: star trek, pairing: kirk/ faith lehane/ mccoy, pairing: kirk/mccoy, rated: nc-17, what: crossover, what: fic
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